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 Plunket Sevices

Plunket offers information, support and developmental assessments of your child.Each year, tens of thousands of New Zealand parents and whānau use Plunket services.

Plunket visits

Visits from specialised Plunket Nurses are an important part of Plunket’s service to New Zealand families. Every family is entitled to home visits for babies in the early weeks, and then clinic or further home visits for children up to five years old. Visits can also take place at preschools, marae and other community facilities. Each visit gives families the opportunity to discuss parenting, family issues, and their child's health and development (eg nutrition, breastfeeding, sleep, safety, behaviour, growth, hearing and vision).

PlunketLine - 0800 933 922 PlunketLine is a toll-free telephone advice service available to all families, whānau and caregivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Car Seat Rentals Plunket car seat rental schemes offer a variety of affordable infant and child restraints available for short- and long-term hire, advice on the correct restraint for your child and the proper installation of any restraint.

Family Centres In some areas, extra help and support on parenting is available at Plunket family centres. This is a free service. To find a family centre near you, visit the Plunket website

Parenting education Plunket has a national parenting education programme (PEPE) and also delivers the Parents as First Teachers (PAFT) programme in locations throughout New Zealand.

Parent Groups Plunket parent groups mean parents can connect with each other in the same area, to gather with their children, meet new parents and share information on parenting.

Education in Schools Plunket provides interactive early childhood courses introducing Year 11, 12 and 13 secondary school students to the basic needs of young children.

Play groups Supporting families and whānau is one of the most important things Plunket does and playgroups are an essential part of this.

Toy Libraries Plunket toy libraries are a great way to get a variety of safe toys for your child, at little or no cost.

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