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Building strong families in New Zealand is our priority, but we can't do it alone.

In this store everyone wins. That's because a percentage of profits from all sales and advertising generated through this website stays with Plunket. Funds such as these filter down to our local Plunket communities, so our services and resources are available to families and whânau who need them.

With the help of donations from generous New Zealanders, Plunket has:

• been there to give comfort, help and advice to families who visited our clinics and family centres in local communities all over New Zealand

• helped with advice and installation of car seats, to ensure every journey is a safe journey for kids in New Zealand

• helped facilitate parent groups and networks so parents could be there for each other – to share their challenges and experiences

• made it possible for  parents in New Zealand to develop their parenting skills through parenting education – free of charge


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