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Huggies Nappies Junior Boy 16kg+ Bulk 30s

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Price: $28.99

Product Features

  • Unique 3 layer design traps wetness away from your baby’s skin:
  • 1. Unique surge layer to quickly draw moisture away from baby’s bottom, and into the core
  • 2. Soft liner inside provides pure comfort for your baby
  • 3. Compact lock-away cell to lock wetness away and keep you baby drier
  • Contoured shape for an even more comfortable fit around the legs as well as a wide all round waistband to fit your baby’s body
  • Best protection against leaks including triple leakage protection with leak guards and leg elastic to protect your baby where it’s needed the most
  • Stretchy shaped grip tabs make fastening and unfastening easy
  • Super breathable cover allows air to circulate throughout the nappy

Product Description

As a parent of a young baby, we know that you care about the quality and comfort of the nappy on your baby’s delicate skin.Using reliable nappies – ones that don’t leak with normal usage, are easy to change and which are comfortable for your baby to wear – is an absolute must.Huggies Nappies are the only nappies that are made especially for boys and girls. They have tailored absorbency where they need it the most. Clinically proven to keep your child’s skin drier and healthier, to help a prevent nappy rash. Huggies Nappies feature Winnie the Pooh & Friends in bright and fun designs all over the nappy. A percentage of every purchase goes to Plunket so buy the things that help you and Plunket too.
For babies who weigh 16kg and over.
30 nappies per pack

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