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Sangenic Nappy Bin

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Price: $54.99

Product Features

  • The Sangenic Nappy Wrapper System includes one refill cassette (suitable for all ages). Each cassette lasts about 1 month (based on average usage of sized 3 nappies (3 nappies per day). Additional refill cassettes can be purchased separately.

Product Description

The Sangenic Nappy Wrapper is a unique disposal system for nappies. It locks away smells, germs and mess conveniently and hygienically. Each nappy is individually wrapped and sealed to eliminate all smells and germs.

Easy to use: Simply insert the nappy, twist once to seal, and close the lid to completely seal away smells and germs.

Hygienic: Nappies are individually wrapped in an odour-proof, fragranced anti-bacterial film.

Convenient: Holds up to 28 nappies and saves lots of trips to the bin.

Compact and discreet: Smart, slim-line design fits easily in most nurseries or bathrooms.

Multi-purpose: After your child is potty-trained, you can use your unit as a bathroom bin or for sensitive waste.

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